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love a lineup

Hubbies role at the cuckold party…


love a lineup

Hubbies role at the cuckold party…


Cuckold Parties: Where all the good husbands take their wives every weekend to be bad

You seem to love all this fucking and sucking. The cucks on Tumblr all seem to love humiliation, abuse and torture. Your husband seems to put up with and tolerate it to make you happy. But he isn't happy is he?


Most cuckolds are submissive by nature. For a man, accepting or tolerating his wife going out and fucking other men is an act of submission to her.

A Hotwife is a woman who has made the decision to take control of her sexuality. She’s going to fuck who she wants, unrestrained by societal rules or marital norms. Her cuckold husband is left with a choice: accept it or leave.

Angst, fear, anxiety, jealousy, embarrassment, and humiliation are all part of the cuckold package.

But there are exceptions. There are some “cuckolds” who are dominant. The idea of his wife fucking other men is actually his idea. It turns him on to control her that way, and to watch. She does it for him. In that circumstance, she is submissive to her husband, and does what he wants her to do. (“I’ve made arrangements for a gentleman to come over later. You’ll be his bitch tonight, and do as he asks.”) Basically, she gets whored out. For her, the pleasure and satisfaction comes not only from the sex, but from obeying her husband.

Keep in mind that the Hotwife/Cuckold lifestyle and the FemDom dynamic are related, but different. They frequently go together (like they do in my relationship), but they don’t have to.

Not all Hotwives are FemDom. Some are quite submissive. Many women aren’t at all interested in dominating their husbands. But they love the excitement and variety of sex with multiple men.

Not all FemDom wives cuckold their husbands. Many dominant women are sexually faithful and exclusive to their husband, who they otherwise dominate.

Other Hotwives have both a dominant and submissive side (as I do), depending on the circumstances, her mood, or who she’s with. Some women, like me, are dominant over their husband, but mostly submissive to other men.

Husbands, of course, can also be both dominant and submissive.

Every woman is different. Every man is different.

Every relationship is different.

There are certainly some aspects of FemDom that take things far beyond just making a man a cuckold.

Making him a PussyBoy (as I have done with my husband) deepens his level of submission, and, I think, permanently changes the relationship dynamic. Once the relationship goes FemDom, there is no going back to vanilla. Once he loses his anal cherry, and starts taking the strap-on, and gets turned out, he’s never going to be the same “man” in the relationship that he was before. She’ll never look at and think of him the same way again, and he’ll never feel the same way about himself again.

Once a PussyBoy, always a PussyBoy.

Not all men can handle this. It’s too different than the norm, too intense, and too humiliating. But if they didn’t like it, if it was just absolutely intolerable, they’d just leave wouldn’t they?

My husband can leave anytime he wants. Though perhaps not with his balls, because I metaphorically cut them off a long time ago. It’s a kind of psychological castration; they’re still dangling between his legs, but they’re useless.

My hubby accepts my cuckolding him, and stays and submits to my authority, because part of him obviously likes and enjoys it; and sometimes even finds it exciting and loves it.

His greatest satisfaction comes from getting his face down between my legs and orally servicing me after I’ve been with another men. No matter how wet and creamy and cummy my pussy is, he loves doing that for me, and making me cum. It’s a form of competition for him: “I know your Bull fucked you good and made you cum, but I can make you cum even better and more intensely with my mouth and tongue.” And he usually does.

To be sure, he doesn’t love everything I do, or everything that I make him do. There are certainly parts and sides of him that occasionally rise up and resist some things (having his penis locked up, having his orgasms restricted, taking the strap-on, submitting to corporal discipline, sucking cock for me, putting his ass up for my Bull).

But for the most part, on balance, there’s a reason why he stays down on his knees ready to please me.

That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?



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